Lift Distribution

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Kilometers driven daily

With the micro-distribution experience we offer to our customers, we do not leave any unvisited places in Turkey.


Delivery to 30 cities

Logistics chain management, and our strong technological infrastructure in many provinces of Turkey's timely and safe delivery offer opportunity.


Daily delivery package

We carry out the delivery of the products of our customers, for which we offer efficient micro distribution service, through our distribution network in all around Turkey.

Career in Lift Distribution

Our employees are our most valuable resource.

In addition to providing continuity in the learning and development of our employees, we also attach importance to training and development studies to reveal their potential by improving their behavioral skills.

We determine our potential employees for positions at each level based on their performance results, executive opinions and competency-based assessment processes.

We evaluate the development of all our employees and follow their career plans closely in this direction.

Our Human Resources Policy

In hiring process, we pursue a professional and competency-based policy, without allowing any kinds of discrimination in terms of language, religion, race, gender, and by considering equality of opportunity.

We conduct a hiring process aimed at examining the knowledge, skills and competencies of individuals, together with the relevant experts, and placing them in a department that fits their qualifications.

In new positions opened, we primarily offer our employees the opportunity to shape their own career development. We only apply to the evaluation of external sources for positions that we cannot find proper employee from internal resources.

Job Applications

You can reach the active job advertisements of Lift Dağıtım through career portals or you can apply by filling the Job Application Form and sending it to the email address